Harmonies for Heroes

H4H Music Festival celebrates on Armed Forces Day - The Third Saturday in May
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A music festival on "Armed Forces Weekend" to benefit charity.

Thanks to all the volunteers and musicians that donated their time and talents last year.

We look forward to another year of highlighting local musicians and donating even more to charity.
(11AM to 11PM Saturday) - (11AM to 6PM Sunday)
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The Harmonies For Heroes” Music Festival will be on Armed Forces Day (May 16&17) the third Saturday in May, in Hammond LA. There will be plenty of food and beverages, lots of good music, and patriotism galore. The U.S. Flag will be flying over this event, from the opening song (our national anthem), until the last musical note is played.
The large variety of music on multiple stages is donated by area musicians, in honor of our fellow citizens that put their lives on the line for you. Use of the property is donated by the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. All of the management and staff are volunteers. We donate all of the admission price to charity.

H4H” is a fun event, that salutes our heroes and donates the proceeds to charity. Live bands and singers will perform on Saturday (11AM-11PM), and (11AM-6PM) on Sunday.

Area musicians and local bands are donating their performances. All of the management and organizers are donating their time and labor. There is plenty of food, beverages, and other products at H4H. Multipule stages of music with a large variety of musical styles. The flag raising ceremony will be at 11:00 AM on Saturday May 16th. We are celebrating this holiday on Saturday and Sunday. While there are many heroes in our lives... On the weekend of May 16th & 17th we are celebrating those who put their lives on the line to protect us.

We often see yard signs that say “we support our troops.” Attending the "Harmonies For Heroes Music Festival" is a fun way to actually support our Troops AND our community, because ALL of the "H4H" admissions go to charity.

The "H4H Music Festival" management team is made up of veterans and first responders; All of the managers and organizers are volunteering to ensure H4H will be a well run, fun event. And, so we can donate more to good charities.