Harmonies for Heroes

Your Attendance on Armed Forces Day helps our Heroes.
(11AM to 11PM Saturday) - (11AM to 6PM Sunday) - 46468 River Road, Hammond LA 70401 - $10
21 May 2016
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Click Here to see the bands performing at the 2015 H4H.
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“Harmonies For Heroes” is a fun way to salute our heroes and show actual support. Please come enjoy the live music on May 21. There are dozens and dozens of bands already signed up to perform, you can see the growing list by clicking here. You can hear them in person on May 21. WHO ARE YOU BRINING?

Patriotic bands and musicians in Southeast Louisiana are performing. There is plenty of food, drink, and a variety of other products. Multipule stages provide a variety of musical generes at the same time; music is playing the entire festival. "H4H" starts with our national anthem and a flag raising ceremony at 11:00 AM on Saturday. You may have many personal heroes in your life, from teachers to family... On May 16th and 17th we are celebrating those heroes who are putting their lives on the line to protect us, every moment of every day, and have since 1776. Thanks to the everyday real life heroes for letting us have the greatest country in the world. And, YES! We still have the Greatest Country in the World.

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You have seen the signs “we support our troops.” Attending the "H4H" on May 16-17 is actually doing something fun that also supports our Troops AND our community through non-profit organizations like the Disposable Heroes Project, the USO, and SOAR. The "H4H" management team is made up of veterans, first responders, and professionals in their field of expertise. We are volunteering to ensure H4H is a successfully well run event, that will be fun for you and beneficial to veterans in our area. Thanks to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival for generously donating use of their property, and other assets.

Check out some of the bands performing at the 2015 H4H, in the videos below.

The 2015 "Harmonies 4 Heroes" Charities are: pending

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